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Relentless Extermination of Pests

EcoArmour Pest Company eliminates pests with minimal use of pesticides resulting in less chemical exposure in the environment and reduced pesticide resistance. Using these specialized tactics and methods, we have eliminated pests with the most unimaginable levels of infestation and will do the same for you - we guarantee your complete satisfaction!

EcoArmour Pest Company provides high-quality pest control systems in New Castle, Kent, and Sussex Delaware along with the surrounding areas.


The EcoArmour Pest Company Difference


INTEGRITY: we give ourselves the permission to be authentic in our behaviors, actions and words.


CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: is our ongoing, never ending commitment to get better personally and professionally.


RESULTS: we are relentless in our pursuit of wins - for our customers, the community and our business.

 Kevin Elliott - Owner

Kevin Elliott - Owner

"EcoArmour offers programs and services that impact thousands of lives in the local communities we serve - all aimed at connecting people with a healthy lifestyle. These offerings are crucial in the protection of public health, and we feel a responsibility to promote recognizable value. We promise results where your business, our business and the community win."  

About Us

In 2014, my wife and I discussed the idea of creating a pest elimination company aimed exclusively at public health and property solutions, but didn’t do anything about it. Then in 2016 the idea came back and we said, Let's go for it! Together, we have 35 years of combined leadership experience in the pest control and public health industries.

EcoArmour Pest Company wasn't simply created to exterminate pest, but crafted by it - by the science, values and truths of a place where doing things the right way is the only way.  This explains why we only select premium products and combine an assortment of unique pest management tactics, including non-chemical methods to create healthy, audit-ready pest elimination systems. There's probably other ways to exterminate pest, but we can't think of any better. So, if you're ready to work with a pest company that lives its truths of integrity, continuous improvement and results, then connect with the EcoArmour Pest Company. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.