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 Mice Removal & Exclusion, DE

Rodent Exclusion and Proofing in Delaware

EcoArmour Pest Company offers over 23 years of experience as exclusion specialists. Our services demonstrate the difference between elimination experts and the common exterminator. Our integrated pest management approach combines a variety of unique techniques along with rodent exclusion and proofing. By studying rodent behaviors and how they interact with the buildings, EcoArmour's comprehensive, but practical approach will focus on the most common areas rodents gain entry into food handling structures. We will make a contribution to your business by using the most current construction and repair materials that provide the most cost-effective and long-term control. Connect with EcoArmour Pest Company TODAY to learn more about Rodent Exclusion and Proofing in Delaware.

Common Rodent Entry

  • Ground Floor Doors

  • Commercial Bay Doors

  • Dock Levelers

  • Foundation Cracks

  • Floor Crevices

  • Utility Lines and Vents

  • Drains

  • Eaves

  • Separated Fascia

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