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Ant Exterminator in Delaware

EcoArmour Pest Company offers over 23 years of experience exterminating ants. We are committed to delivering the expertise you need to solve the toughest ant challenges. Our 5-step Integrated Pest Management approach is designed with unique SMART attributes that make it one of the most effective strategies in the market today. This strategy includes the use of precision digital pest control methods to make your treatment more practical and cost effective. Additionally, by studying ant life cycles and how they interact with the environment, EcoArmour's certified ant exterminators will make a contribution to your business by quickly eliminating ants with the most current methods, improving profit potential and reducing risks to people, structures and the environment.


Ant Pest Control in Delaware

Ant pest control in Delaware and Philadelphia is among the services reported for both homes and businesses. Depending on the species, such as Carpenter Ants, Odorous House Ants and Pavement Ants, populations can be established anywhere because of their socialization and structured colonies. Quite often, ants invade restaurants and come in contact with food and food-preparation surfaces. Depending on the species, many are carriers of disease organisms, capable of painful stings, and even structural damage. Proper ant identification is especially important for effective control. Connect with EcoArmour Pest Company TODAY for your FREE ant control estimate.

Ant Treatment: SMART Overview

1. identify species of ant.

2. evaluate and Design a smart treatment approach to achieve your goals. 

3. communicate SMART preventive practices, expectations and value. 

4. Take action using effective techniques and premium materials that support the smart design.

5. monitor our SMART digital pest control system and deliver transparent results.