We're here to help. EcoArmour Pest Company provides high-quality Structural Pest Control Service in Delaware's three counties New Castle, Kent, Sussex and surrounding areas.

Structural Pest Control in Delaware

EcoArmour Pest Company Division of Structural Pest Control believes everyone should enjoy a pest-free environment. We focus on mitigating structural pest infestations using industry leading methods.


Our services include a wide range of jobs such as those that affect regulation, both commercial and residential structural protection. Most of these include recurring pest inspections using a science-based process designed with unique SMART attributes, making it one of the most effective strategies in the market today.

Without proper monitoring and treatment, pest infestations will quickly accelerate and impact structural integrity. To learn more about pests that are capable of causing structural damage, follow the links or connect with us now:

Carpenter Ant Control 

Carpenter Bee Control

Termite Treatment - Remedial

Termite Pre-Treatment